Recent News

  • Observatory telemetry

    Added Sky Condition page to Observatory telemetry after reinstalling Boltwood Cloud Sensor

    4 January 2015
  • Gardens Galleries

    Added galleries for Fall and Winter as well as a gallery dedicated to the piece created by Daniel Buren for Lieux Mouvants

    20 July 2014
  • Restarted Work

    Added a Photo Galleries related to Astronomy. Added Telemetry and Situation weather pages. Decomissioned old website.

    06 July 2014
  • New Website Launched

    Test version of new Website Launched after 2 weeks of development. Some sections are still under construction.

    15 May 2013
  • Started rebuilding website

    Started rebuilding a responsive website using Twitter Bootstrap and Jumpstart UI Template .

    28 Apr 2013

About this site

This site was built to share with others some of my passions: Photography, Astronomy, Sailing...I am sharing this content with no other intention than to satisfy the curiosity of others. My only goal is to give back a little of what I got as I learnt so much myself thanks to the Internet and many similar sites built by others who simply wanted to share their passions.

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